Aranda Offices
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Client: Aranda Agency
Category: Commercial
Photographer: Meritxell Arjalaguer

Aranda Offices is a contemporary workspace that reflects the values of communal life. Located in Gracia, a historical Barcelona neighborhood known for its vibrant creative community.

Our design reflects the values of a collective workspace and emphasizes the importance of soft focus for a healthy work life. Studies show that taking breaks from the computer screen, sharing meals, and connecting with others are essential to workplace well-being and can lead to creative insights. Insights often come in the moments between focus and relaxation. It was essential for us to create a dynamic interior environment that allows these insightful responses to naturally arise.

The workspace of a design studio is a creative nexus. A place of innovation and collaboration that requires a peaceful backdrop to facilitate this work.

The challenge of the project was to meet the needs of a communal work life within a 50m2 space. We designed a dynamic work environment to seat seven, a place for meetings, a kitchen, and bathroom. Creating ample storage while maintaining a sense of peaceful focus with a resourceful distribution that responds to the physical size restrictions of the space.

The glass facade opens the space to the street. The communal worktable makes a right angle with the window, linking collective work to the outside and taking advantage of the clear focus that comes with natural light. Double full-length curtains screen the kitchen and bathroom from the front workspace, creating soft layers of privacy, and illuminating the space with a subtle warmth. A wicker chair placed in a secluded corner offers a moment of serenity within a busy place.