Tarragona Residence
Location: Tarragona, SpainClient: Private
Category: Residential
Photographer: Enric Badrinas
Design in collaboration with Torndelacreu

Tarragona Residence is a complete reformation project—a simple composition of natural materials. The beauty of the project lies in the combination of what is said and what is left unsaid—the dialogue between thoughtful design and the restraint of empty space. Clay tiles, lime plaster, marble, and oak—materials that speak to the heritage of the region, a timeless composition that will age with grace.

The furniture, too, is designed for longevity. The living room is centered around crude’s signature coffee table, featuring softly stained natural oak. Like much of our furniture, the intention of the table is not to become the protagonist of the space but rather to balance the surrounding elements and create a sensation of stillness and comfortable stability.

Our possessions reflect our values. Becoming conscious of what we own and where it goes helps us realize that only a small portion of our belongings is truly important to our quality of life. Detachment from excess is the first step in our process before beginning construction. The client is given the opportunity to go through the process of detaching themselves from unnecessary possessions. We invite them, first and foremost, to simplify, making space for what is essential, and allowing for the peacefulness of an open space. This simple exercise can cause a shift in mindset that has a ripple effect on the client’s life.