Hotel Ur Bare
Location: Zarautz, Spain
Category: Commercial
Photographer: Enric Badrinas
Design in collaboration with Trench Studio & Torndelacreu
Architect: Beatriz Bergasa

Located on the Spanish North coast, Hotel Ur Bare is an elegant expression of modern hospitality. A 13-bedroom boutique hotel designed to connect guests with their surroundings. The interior design has been guided by a deliberate selection of quality materials, resulting in a space that is both peaceful and comforting.

Luxury, in a modern sense, is crafted from materials. Without the need to prove one’s status, luxury becomes the experience of thoughtful surroundings and quality materials. Located in the coastal town of Zarautz, the material selection was made considering the traditional materials of the Pais Vasco region. Lime stucco, natural stone, and natural oak floors. The atmosphere is composed of a subtle blend of textures: soft linens, warm plaster, and timeless wooden furnishings. The space is designed to serve as a sanctuary, a place where guests can disconnect from their busy lives and find a still place for contemplation.

In a modern sense, luxury exists through elegant design and quality materials. Going beyond the need to display one’s status, luxury becomes the tangible experience of one´s surroundings.